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Souks of Marrakech

Do you like handicrafts and you want to see the artisans making them?This is your tour and I can be your tour guide!The souk is a real labyrinth where one can easily get lost. If you pick me as your guide I will not only save your time as I know the place very well but I will also make the contact between you and the local artisans easier. I will show you the authentic workshops and make feel like a local.Morning private walking tour in the following sections of the souks of Marrakech: the wool dyers, the metalworker’s section, the carpets souk, the spices market known as “la place of des épices”, the famous souk of Samarin, the olives market and the big Square Jamaa El Fna. The tour will be flexibly created just for you with a friendly tour guide who cares for his customers. Take my tour

Souks Tour

Walking tour of the souks of Marrakech


The Highlights of Marrakech

Badie Palace

This is a tour that I recommend for the first visitors to Marrakech.If you pick me as your guide you will no only learn the history and the culture of Marrakech but you will also be entertained by listening to the stories of ancient times.You will be picked up at 9 am from your hotel to see the 12th Koutoubia Minaret which is one of the three most perfect Islamic religious structures in the world. Visit the ruins of the Badie palace which was built in the 16th century. Hidden away behind the walls are the Saadian Tombs. The Mausoleum displays a very high level of decoration, using traditional stucco, Granada-style wood carving.

Historical tour

Half day Highlights tour of Marrakech


The Jewish Heritage

Are you Jewish and do you want to learn more about the Jewish heritage in Morocco? This is one of my favourite tours. If you choose me as your tour guide you will learn about the Moorish Jewish heritage and why the Jews have the same privilege as the rest of Moroccans. You will be accompanied by a storyteller and a friendly tour guide.You will be picked up from your hotel or riad to the kasbah quarter where you will visit the Saadian graveyard known as the Alambra of Marrakech. We will continue to the Jewish section “the Mellah” where we will enjoy a walk in its amazing spices market and its authentic alleys to visit one of the oldest synagogues of Marrakech Medina. Finish your tour by visiting a store of genuine fresh Moroccan spices and fragrances if you like.The tour will be private and flexibly created just for you.

The Moroccan Jewish heritage Tour



Do you like Gardens and palm groves?
This is your tour and I can be your local guide . We will visit the most famous and attractive gardens of Marrakech. It is called Majorelle. It is a botanical garden where you can spend more than one hour in peace, joy and meditation.
We will drive to the palmary of Marrakech and enjoy a drink in one of the cafes This is a flexibly private experience.
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Majoelle Garden and Marrakech palm groves


Hidden Sites of Marrakech

The Traditional bakery

This is an unrushed walking tour to discover safely and smoothly the hidden sights of the Medina and its souks with a savvy licensed tour-guide. Enjoy 3-hours of a flexible interesting walk in interlinked alleys of the Medina, visiting its bakeries, traditional ovens, caravanserai, and other ancient treasures respecting all safety measures like distancing. You will explore authentic sights that only a few tourists can see. While walking, you will learn the true history of every district and its ancient roots. The focus will be also on the workshops and the old sections of the souks of Marrakesh.